Other Services

Peer Support

The Peer Support program is intended to enhance the quality of services provided by South Central Behavioral Services.  Peer Support workers provide appropriate levels of support to individuals over the course of transitioning between the various stages of recovery; particularly helping individuals to avoid “falling through the cracks” of the behavioral health care system.

Certified Peer Support Workers  (CPSW) provide support to those in services, share their personal experiences, provide guidance, and engage in mutually supportive relationships.  They bring ‘personal experiences’ to SCBS by decreasing stigma and improving SCBS’ existing culture of acceptance.  Peer Support workers work one-on-one with specific consumers as the needs are identified, lead classes and/or activities and attend treatment such as Adult IOP to be available to participants.


WHAM (Whole Health Action Management)

Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) is an eight week Peer Support group. It is an evidence-based practice with a focus on Whole Health and Wellness. Those who attend make a Whole Health Goal in the first weeks of the group and this goal is discussed each week to measure progress based on the Stages of Change. The idea is to reach the Maintenance Stage of Change and make it part of your routine. Past participants have made goals such as getting more physical activity, maintaining a more positive attitude, or strengthening your support network. The core of WHAM is in the shared experience. It is organized and facilitated by a Peer Support Specialist who has knowledge of the various topics discussed in the group. During each week, topics are presented related to Whole Health such as optimism based on positive expectations, the science of stress, or finding meaning and purpose through service to others. These topics are discussed and those who attend are encouraged to share their experience as it relates to them. The group meets for one hour each week and is open to any client of South Central Behavioral Services.

Jail Services

Counseling and brief case management services are available on site at the Buffalo County and Adams County Jail facilities. Other county jails, with video conferencing capability, may also receive these services through the probation offices.

Program Components:

Buffalo County Jail
Behavioral Health Outreach Program – Provides a counselor at the jail for mental health/substance use screening and referral. This may include risk assessments, crisis intervention and connection to resources. Cooperation with the jail staff and County Attorney’s office is ongoing to identify behavioral health needs.

Remote access through probation office
Inmates referred to Jail Services by probation may be able to access the Jail Services through probation’s video conferencing network.

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